Principal's Message

"The Three great essentials to achieve anything worth-while are- Hard work, Stick-to-itiveness & Common Sense."

- Edison

Session 2017-18 in particular has been a session of many challenges, opportunities for learning & growth, thoughtful decisions & ultimate success. The year demonstrates the dynamic nature of Sacred Hearts, our commitment to excellence & our relentless pursuit of achieving our best. Our teachers are reflective & responsive to students‘ needs and there is quality commitment from our school management.

Sacred Hearts Kiducation—1 has been preparing its children for the future for over more than one and a a decade. We focus on supporting all students to reach their full potential academically, socially and 1 emotionally. Self—esteem is also connected to the confidence and motivation that children need to achieve their academic goals. Our aim is to preserve these traits in our children as they continue to move through all cycles of development.

So, we assure that we will continue to provide a safe and supportive environment as well as teaching and learning programs in future also to meet the needs of our all students.

Zeba Khan


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