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Note for Parents

"Contains all relevant Information so that you may guide your ward properly"

You are requested to go through the following points:-

  1. Please see that your child attends the school regularly and is never late.
  2. Please ensure that your child attends the school in the prescribed well ironed neat and tidy uniform with books and notebooks covered and labelled with name, class and section.
  3. Please ensure that your child is prompt in completing the home work assignments.
  4. In case you have some problem connected with your child you are most welcome to meet the Principal/Director with prior intimation.
  5. In case you wish to meet the child or the Teacher during working hours of the school, you may do so with the permission of the Principal but in no case you will meet the child or the teacher during the teaching periods.
  6. Please ensure that your child brings his/her lunch box with a napkin to enable him/her to eat during the recess of the school.
  7. The tiffin box should be labeled with the name, class and section of the child. No lunch box will be accepted during school hour.
  8. Please ensure that your ward does not carry heavy cash or other valuable things to the school. The school will not be responsible for any loss of the personal belongings.
  9. Please study the progress report of your ward after each Test and ensure that your ward puts some extra efforts in the subjects in which his/her performance is not very good.
  10. Any complaint or grievance may be communicated to the Principal for its redressal.
  11. Please note that your ward does not miss any test conducted by the School. A student will not be eligible for promotion if he/she fails to maintain at least 75% attendance in the class.
  12. Please ensure that the school rules and regulations are strictly adhered to.
  13. Parents must intimate the school whenever the residential address or telephone number is changed.
  14. Please note that the school will not accept any student suffering from any infectious disease. However , his/her absence from the school will be considered on the submission of a Medical Certificate / Fitness Certificate duly issued by a Medical Officer.
  15. To discuss the problems of your ward, do attend the parent Teacher Meet.
  16. The speaking of English is encouraged in classes and in school during school hours The same should be done at home.
  17. Students must be in the school premises at least 5 minutes before the 1st bell of the school.
  18. Pupils are expected to be punctual, late–comers are sent back to home.
  19. Finger nails must be trimmed short and kept clean.
  20. Hair style should be plain and simple. Girl's hair should be plaited with white ribbon and white hair band should be used.
  21. For any information you can call school at 7409538067 (Kiducation 1), 0581-2525209 (Kiducation 2) & 8954370477 (Senior Branch) during school hours.

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