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Code of Conduct

"Set of rules outlining the responsibilities of or proper practices for an individual "

A boy/girl, who studies at S.H.P.S. assumes the obligation to conduct himself/herself at all times in accordance with the highest standard of discipline, aiming at quality and excellence in education and character.

Students shall always keep in mind that the school is judged by his/her conduct.

The following code of conduct is, therefore, laid down for the guidance of the students.

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Every Student
  • Shall respect and practice the rules and regulations of the school.
  • Shall obey his/her parents, elders and teachers.
  • Shall by percept and example, be truthful.
  • Shall be courteous, friendly and co-operative with one another in and out of school.
  • Shall avoid vulgarity in talk and behavior.
  • Shall be clean and always neatly dressed in school uniform.
  • Shall understand the value of time.
  • Shall have faith in Almighty and lend a helping hand to the Poorest of the Poor and the lowliest of the lowly.

The school has a system of continuous assessment and evaluation through Assignments, Project work, Unit Tests and Terminal examinations. The cumulative report card will reflect all the grades obtained by the students and at the end of the academic session the sum total of all the activities. Exams and assignments will be taken into consideration for promotion to the next higher class. The pass percentage for a class is 33% in each subject.

Progress Report

A consolidated evaluation report of the child in co-curricular activities and other related information about the child will be sent to the parents/guardian at the end of every term.


"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments" - Jim Rohn

The Principal is responsible for the discipline in the school, assisted by all the teachers.Discipline is needed for the smooth running of the school.Punctuality,neatness,uniformity of dress,courtesy,consideration for others and a co-operative spirit are also needed. We do encourage initiatives and positive expressions of creative work. Our aim is that self discipline should become part of every student’s way of life.


Any absence from school, even with prior permission of the Principal, must be explained by the parent, in the “Absence Record” which is found in the Diary before it can be condoned and the student is admitted into class .If the leave is more than three days, besides the note in the Diary, the explaination in a separate letter must be added and sanctioned by the Principal. Any absence of a month or an absence of more than three days before or after a vacation, without prior permission, renders the student liable to have his/her name removed from the rolls. Student must take serious note that 75% attendance is compulsory for them to be eligible to write the Annual/Board exam.

Late arrival in School
  1. The school gate will close after the first bell rings.
  2. All late arrivals if they arrive after the gate has been closed will be punished and action will be taken
  3. Three late arrivals consecutively would lead to the students being sent back to home

For the withdrawl of the student at least THIRTY DAYS notice must be given to the Principal in written failing which a quarter fees will be charged,in lieu thereof. A transfer certificate will be issued only after obtaining a clearance certificate stating that all the dues have been paid and the school’s library books are properly returned.

Suspension and Dismissal

The Principal reserves to herself the right to dismiss from the school any student whose conduct is in her opinion against the moral tone of the school. Immorality in word or deed, willful damage to school property, grave, insubordination, contempt of any authority, unsatisfactory progress in studies, lack of diligence, are sufficient grounds for dismissal. The Principal is the sole judge regarding the dismissal of the student.

School Almanac and Vacations

The school Almanac will be ready reckoner for the parents/guardians which will reflect the entire year’s programs and activities of the school. The parents are advised to adhere to it in term of Parents’s visit (open day) Examinations and Vacations.

Home Work

The school diary has been planned with a view to help students in their studies and to inculcate the habit of doing assigned work regularly. Students are advised to take down the instructions given by the teachers regarding homework . Students should not ask parents to do the homework for them . They are to seek their guidance only.Students must remember the framework instructions given by the teachers before they start work at home.

School Fees

The school fees are to be paid in quarterly instalments. Please ensure that you pay the fees in time falling which a fine of Rs.50 will be charged for next 15 days.On the 1st of the following month, the name of the students will be struck off from school rolls and the child may be re-admitted with a late fee depending upon the availability of seats. Besides this the fees once deposited shall not be refunded in any circumstances what so ever.

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